Saturday, August 13, 2011

explosive fun

who knows what these are?

vegas july 2011_2424

These are TLD badges they basically measure radiation levels on people.  My husband and I wore these when we were in teh military and we were non-destructive testing inspectors and used x-ray on aircraft to look for cracks.

and these?

vegas july 2011_2423

easy one right?  geiger meters to measure radiation levels.

where can you find this and much more? 

well here of course:

 at the atomic testing museum in las vegas:

vegas july 2011_2429

a fun and interesting museum about the atomic energy era, how it started, and all kinds of other stuff.

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  1. very interesting. I have a vintage geiger counter from WWI (maybe II?) sitting in my living room. wonder if it still works, lol.


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