Thursday, June 16, 2011

window through time

washington dc april 2011_1102

I loved the way the light came through this window. 

This is John browns fort at harpers Ferry. and since you are all probably bored with my trip back east a couple more pictures of the fort here it is in full form:

washington dc april 2011_1106

and this shot was of the marker where the building orignally stood.  yeah I tried to be clever and have the name pointing to the building but there were a lot of wires and such in the way it just doesn't look right to me.

washington dc april 2011_1120


  1. That first shot is amazing - love the light

  2. love the lights in the top shot. and the name worked well in the last shop. looks like it was a fun trip, and I look forward to more pics.

  3. GORGEOUS photos. The lighting alone is breathtaking.

  4. Oh I love these shots especially the window light one. Fabulous. B

  5. Absolutely beautiful building and I love the light in the first shot.
    Have a nice wekend


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