Saturday, June 4, 2011

vietnam womens memorial

nurses memorial

Most of the women that served in the vietnam war were nurses so this is their memorial.  I found it very moving (yeah I say that a lot don't I?) the faces and expressions are very cool. 

here is the full memorial:

nurses memorial

washington dc april 2011_1002

washington dc april 2011_1001

almost 10,000 women were in vietnam serving in some way.  I am happy they are represented in this memorial
 for more information:


  1. they all are so beautiful... depicting the pain, struggle so vividly.

  2. This is a beautiful memorial. The artist captured all the emotions perfectly. B

  3. I really miss DC, and this is one of the reasons... I realized too late about the treasure trove I was standing at the edge of, when my hubby brought me and my eldest daughter there years ago; we spent too much time recovering from jet lag and too little exploring the incredible city and museums :-(


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