Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it aint easy being green

Kermit at the american history museum

who doesn't love Kermit??? I mean really a talking frog that is in love with a pig?? Jim Henson was a genius in his time his creations are and will be loved by many for many years. 

there is a bit of glare on this from the glass taking pictures in a museum is tough probably could have done more to get his nose better now that I look at it again but oh well.  I did learn a few tricks. high ISO, no flash, speed as fast as possible and propping myself on things to keep steady. the crowds were another problem but then again that is life so many shots have people in them.  lastly a little help from photoshop.  I found that if I gave the photo some glausomer blur (around 30 - 60%) and then removed the blur from my subject it took away some of the distracting blurs and reflections.  the shadows were a little hard to remove without looking totally fake so left them.


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