Friday, May 6, 2011


DC April 2011_0737

I love this one but then again I am partial to dogs.  this is FDR in his wheel chair, yes it is there here is proof

DC April 2011_0742

this is the backside you can see more.  from another angle you can see the wheels.

the dog is FDR's Scottie named Fala.  His little nose and ears have been rubbed so much they shine

DC April 2011_0738a

that is the last of the FDR memorial that I will post please check the last few days for more shots and my flickr site for more as well.  Something I didn't mention previously was there are 21 quotes throughout the memorial.  very moving memorial.  if you have time when you visit DC it is a must see.


  1. I like these shots. I loved Fala and the story about the nose and ears!

  2. I have enjoyed all of your shots of the FDR memorial. As you know it is my favorite memorial so it has been fun to see what you captured on our visit.


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