Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the edge of gravity

DC APRIL2011_0817

a painting on the side of a building in Frederick, MD  this is one of three located throughout town.  this one is called "the edge of gravity" by william m cochran    i like the way he seems to be looking up at the empty window above as if calling out to someone

this is the second painting.  I did not see the third

DC APRIL2011_0824


  1. These are fantastic. Now I am curious about the other one. Great catch. B

  2. wow, I had to look hard at that first one, I thought it was a real person!

  3. These are just fantastic!
    Beautifully seen and captured.

  4. amazing! great photography, i thought there really was a person standing against that wall!. hope you show us the 3rd if you find it!

  5. Fantastic this is real town art and great finding when you are walking around, wow.
    Have a great weekend.


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