Sunday, April 24, 2011


today's song challenge is a song you would want to have played at your funeral.

washington dc april 2011_0957

boy this was a tough one.  the song was an easy pick for me but the picture to match hmmm.  

this is a picture taken recently at Arlington Cemetery in DC.  (see more shots of my trip coming up in May)


the song is by a country singer

I think life should be lived to the fullest.

wow can't think of anything else to clue you in so just going to jump to the video

tim Magraw - live like you are dying.

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  1. Great picture. Love how the blooming tree gives a bit of life to the picture. Isn't it amazing how many stones there are in Arlington? It is so overwhelming every time I visit. I wasn't able to take my camera there this year because we had a Pentagon tour and the tour guide told me if we even touched our camera it would be taken from us. I decided it was best to leave it in the suitcase that day.


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