Thursday, April 7, 2011



today's song challenge is a song that reminds you of a certain event.  when I was going through the list I made my first choices with whatever popped into my head first.  this was one that was easy.  A couple weeks later I asked my husband the questions and three were the same which included day one (he knows how I act when that song comes on) and one is coming up later which is what describes me and this one. 

The first time we started going out we were in the military and had a company picnic. this song came on and we danced to it and actually won a contest for it.  we won an LP yep a vinyl album but it wasn't that long ago 1988.  Of course hubby had enough drink in him that he actually danced and all had a good time.  so I guess this could be called our song.

so for the clues for today:

I think this is tough from the picture so you really have to think hard.

the song is really old 50's.  ok old in my respect because it was before my time but I grew up on this song.

the song is about an action

the original singer was a HUGE name

the song was about a popular dance

now I think you might have it.

the song is by Chubby Checkers and is the twist


  1. This song screams summer to me. Makes me think of outdoor festivals, over-priced food and good times.

  2. I started singing the song in my head when I saw the picture today. Love it!


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