Sunday, January 23, 2011

loom knitting

when visiting my mother in law recently she got me hooked on loom knitting.  I made a hat in 3 hours on a knifty knitter round loom.  I was amazed.  And it actually looked good too.  So after making a couple more hats I decided I could make socks, fun socks like I like. you know the kind that do have to match exactly or have funky designs.   so I bought a sock loom and to start I thought I would do a pair of regular socks.
well this is the loom and ..........

sock loom

After ripping it apart 3 times I think I finally have the hang of a knit stitch.  there are now 2 rows (besides the cast on stitch) of my first sock done correctly. 

knit stich

yeah.  of course this one pair of socks may take me three years to make.  but hey I am learning right.?  hahaha

what I have learned so far.
1. don't skip a step - the reason i tore it apart 3 times.
2. there is more then just the easy e-wrap stitch associated with knitting.
3. this is still way easier then regular knitting for me  - yes for me it is.  I have never mastered chop sticks and would starve if I had to so what made me ever think I could do knitting needles. hahaha.

well someday I might have an end result to show until then this is just one of my many hobbies I take up.


  1. Oh I can't wait to see the socks you make! Where oh where did you find the sock loom? I have the Knifty Knitter round looms and have made scarfs and hats with it. They all turn out wonderful!
    Hope you have a great week~

  2. I just found your blog via the Knifty Knitter Yahoo group. I also have just found the knitting board looms. but I have the 10" one and I like the tighter weave better than the KK looms.
    I also found your flickr page. Your photography is fantastic. I can't wait to look at all of your photos!

  3. I love these pictures!
    The blues and silver is a good combo.

    I also had a question... What kind of lense did you use for these two pictures?

  4. thanks for the kind comments everyone. the lens for this picture is a nikon 50mm. 1.8 LOVE this lens I need more fast lenses. hahaha


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