Monday, November 15, 2010

what to do on a rainy day

today's shot comes to you via my phone.  as I was doing a mail run for the day it was raining and all I had with me was my phone so I tought the inside of the umbrella looked interesting and snapped this shot.


  1. I love it! Hey, I was looking at your Flicker pictures- They are very good and it made me feel good to know I've been to all the places you've been. Other then WHERE did you get the picture of the whale and the Sea lion on the rock? Is that over by Neah bay? I haven't been up there but the hubby and I are heading over there tomorrow for our anniversary. Staying in a cabin in La Push.
    Really love looking at all your pictures-I have many many pictures that look JUST like yours (like the round rocks-was that at Ruby beach?)
    P.S. I've only been in the Seattle area for 6 years-I lived in Spokane before that.


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