Wednesday, November 10, 2010

pay it forward november

my friend over at what eyes see daily has a friend that has a blog called have stroller will travel who is doing a pay it forward for the month of November.  So I thought I would try to play along.  It fit perfectly for tonight since I picked up some prints and frames to donate to the silent auction at work.  all the proceeds will go for the toys for tots. 

I am a bit nervous about the whole thing as I have never asked for money or really shown off my photos like this. Gish I don't even know yet if they will be good enough to go in the auction.  I picked three prints a rose, a cone flower and an eagle all shown below   wish me luck or at least that I wont embarrass myself.

now to keep the pay it forward going thanks for the idea gals.

hope you can find it in your heart to pay it forward as well


  1. Laura:

    Your photos are great of course people will want to buy them!!!!! I'm not just saying that because I know you, I really mean it!


  2. These are beautiful. Thanks for playing along.


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