Saturday, October 2, 2010

the best of times.

First off I will get the horrible picture out of the way.  Me and MICHELLE ZINDORF can you believe it I finally got to take one of her classes.  And if you ever get a chance take them they are awesome.  she changes the designs every 2 months so always something new and most of her classes are booked out for months.  

Below are samples of what I did.  Me I did this and only because I had a great teacher.

the forefront image is the sample Michelle did in class and I won.  I feel so honored. but it also shows you how much she teaches you.  this was the very first card we did.

I can see some male cards done with this.  maybe some crashing waves?   she taught us a lot about how light hits objects and how to highlight so you get depth in your cards. 

are these colors not awesome.  I have to get them. 

this is my favorite card.... well I think so.  and you can see Michelle's teaching example in the front. 

I love this card too.  she taught us how to do the reflection so you can do this with just about anything.  There was one more card but I forgot to photograph it. 

this was the whole reason for the road trip.  over the mountains and to the other side of the state it was the first time she was close enough for me to get to.  So I gathered up a couple of friends and away we went.  along the way we did some shopping and tried some new things.  it was a great experience. 

really run don't walk to one of her classes worth every penny.  If all you do is check out her blog you will be amazed.  check it out here.

one side note on the first picture.  dunderhead me brought my camera with me and oh lets take a picture and what did I do?? i forgot to put in a memory card.  did finally get one picture but of course it isn't very good grrr.

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