Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tunnel vision

Hiawatha trail.  Starts in Montana (barely) and ends in Idaho.  well if you go down the trail it does and since I rarely ride its the only way for me to go. 

there are 10 tunnels that wind through the 15 mile road trip down the mountain.  the longest tunnel is 8771 feet long that is 1.66 miles.  And it is DARK very dark.  that's why their is a mandatory light rule. 
If you say yesterday's post you saw the light on my helmet.

i thought it would be a cool shot.  the light shinning down on the bike tires as I rode through the tunnel.  haha well I found out a couple of things.  One it is not easy to do.  two I am uncoordinated and can't shoot and ride at the same time in the light let alone in the pitch dark.  so I cheated and stopped but only for a moment because there were other riders coming up behind me and I really didn't feel like being rear ended.

exiting the tunnels was always a great experience and lead to beautiful views.  some of which I will share tomorrow.


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