Friday, July 30, 2010

summer project

it starts with an idea. 

Hey since we can't fully get rid of that giant poplar tree stump (long story short it ain't happening)  lets make it a patio I tell hubby.

So last year before the sprinklers went in I dug a trench that would be the basis of the patio.  211/2 feet by 16 1/2 feet and about 18 inches high.

then comes the dump truck full of gravel to cover up the roots and holes and even out the whole thing to about 15 inches high. 

did I mention that was 16 yards of gravel???? good thing we have a double driveway.

add in 2 1/2 pallets of brick.  which they calculated wrong I think she misunderstood me when I said it was only 2 sides.  oh well we can use the rest around the shed and a few other spots anyhow.

add in hundreds of wheel barrels full of gravel.  have you seen my yard? yes it slopes down and this is the lower level. 

add in some slave labor my brothers (one not seen) and my mom master leveler.

lots of sunshine and warm weather and did I mention many wheel barrels full of gravel and brick??

and about 8 hours of work and this is how far we got.  but dang the progress is coming

and this is what is left for tomorrow. 

i say a very productive day. 

but are we tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and this is only phase one.

before and after yeah its going to look nice. 

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  1. WOW! What a huge project! Bet that caused some sore muscles. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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