Tuesday, July 6, 2010


see those two people next to the white suv? well that is hubby and I on our anniversary via a web cam of leavenworth that a friend screen shot saved and sent to us. that is the blown up version below is the actual view
beautiful little German town isn't it? thankfully I had this screen shot because this trip around I took only a few pictures. THUD don't fall on the floor it was my anniversary and well we just didn't think to take many. we have been here a few times and just love the place. the streets are always crowded especially on a holiday weekend so getting a pretty shot of the town is about impossible.
I did take a couple of the pantings on the buildings
can you see why I took this shadowy picture of the nutcracker museum???

take a look above the word over and near the walnut. see the little mouse?? well that is the painters signature and of course its a mouse so why else wouldn't I take a picture of it.

this is the festival hall wow just love the outside of it I bet the inside is gorgeous.

a close up of the top paintings love the shadow on them too.

sorry not much more except several of our Awesome room for the night. we had a wonderful 22nd anniversary


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary. I am glad you guys had fun!

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