Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aplets and Cotlets

what are aplets and cotlets you ask? well a wonderfully delightful Turkish candy made in Cashmere Washington. July 2nd was my anniversary to my husband and we took a little over night trip and on the way stopped in cashmere for our little treat. sadly I didn't get a picture of a single piece of candy because we ate all the ones that were for ourselves before I thought to take a picture. Did buy a couple packages for gifts but chose to retrain ourselves and not open them. you can find out more and purchase some on the liberty orchards website here

Basically they are a jelly like candy made with different things but the original and where the name comes from is apples and apricots with some walnuts and then have powdered sugar on top. personally we like the summer berries and fruit sours which do not have nuts in them. they also have a sugar free version.

mixing and cooking in the vats. hot and steamy as you can see and smell so good.

poured into wooden trays with plastic wrap lined with mineral oil so they don't stick.

cooled for an hour and then another 6 to 8 hours in the freezer.

ready for cutting.

out they come after they are cut and then tumbled with the powder coating.

my husband loved this machine it brought down the little trays then moved along a conveyor belt where several people sorted and put perfect pieces into the trays.

here you can see the hand sorting.

then wrapped and finally the box lids were put on top.

had to include this in my shot my husband in his hair net. good thing I shot this first. I realized I had the white balance on a custom setting. gee honey you have such a golden glow about you. Guess that is what happens after 22 years.

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  1. Yum! Never heard of it before but I think I'd like it!


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