Sunday, June 20, 2010

weeping rock

one of the shorter trails about a 1/2 mile is to weeping rock. Call this because the rock is porous and when it rains it soaks it up and travels through the rock till it hits shale and then can no long stay in the rock so it travels till it finds a spot to come out .
Hubby had to bad of a sunburn to make it on this hike so I went alone but a kind gentleman took my picture for me.

a look from the under hang. the man in the red hat took my picture.
by the way don't you love my hat? we bought there at our hotel to help keep the sun off our necks something my husband really needed.
more pictures later. we still have some time left here but need to sort through many shots to figure out what I wil put up. love digital but sometimes we just take to many shots. lol

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