Sunday, June 27, 2010

flying high

not sure what kind of bird these are but they were courting for sure. tooo cute.
this little guy was really hard to catch they would move so fast throught the scrub pines. I tried for days to get him finally this is my best shot while hiking to angels landing that I was able to capture of a mountain blue jay.

yeah I know not in focus but it was such a quick shot didn't have much time. we were stoked that we finally got to see a carnial and shocked that they came this far south.

I believe this is a scrub jay. we spotted several of them in snow canyon.

we thought it was so unusual to see a dragonfly without its wings spread open as it rested. the only thing we could think of was because of the heat. anyone know???

i know you already saw this and some other pictures in a post a couple of days ago but just couldn't resist putting it in again. afterall it isn't every day you get to see such a rare bird as this condor. truely an excitement for me.


  1. It looks like you really enjoyed your visit. I hope Dave is feeling better.

  2. Beautiful. The condor is definitely worth a second showing!


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