Wednesday, June 23, 2010

condor # 99

while hiking to angels landing we had the awesome pleasure to view a California condor in flight. I have only seen these birds in captivity before this and there are precious few in the wild.

he put on a little show for us and even came within about 3 feet of a fellow climber. For me he came about 10 feet over my head and luckily I had my camera out, not ready but out and got in a few quick shots before he landed in a tree nearby.

they have wing spans of over 10 feet and this one had a tag of 99 well guess it could be 66 but general consensus was that it was 99. a family there was so excited. they had recently drove 150 miles in search of one in an area (not sure where) that was suppose to have several and saw NONE.


  1. WOW! That is so amazing and beautiful! Talk about a once in a lifetime thing!

  2. Wow so majestic. Nice job getting a shot.


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