Friday, May 7, 2010

a true sign of spring

A true sign of spring is when the projects around the house start happening. Above is the before and below is the after. finally replaced the old one hundred million pound manual open door with an electric door.

and gone is the ugly peeling paint yeah.

My giant alum are almost all the way open. My neighbor thought they were some sort of alien plant when they first bloomed a few years ago. we have a push me pull me garage as we call it. one in the front and one in the back.

so we replaced the back garage door as well. it as even worse than the front the front was wooden the back was an aluminum sheet with holes held together with duct tape. It use to be a carport back in the 50's and someone along the way converted it to an enclosed garage

almost looks like I have two fronts. Next project some new windows.

Duncan checking out the new door. So thats what is up in the Lok household.

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  1. What a beautiful choice! Looks beautiful and it sounds like it will be such a treat to pull in and out now!


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