Friday, May 14, 2010


I haven't taken many pictures the last few days between hubby being sick and giving it to me. grrrrrr and just plain busy I just haven't. but I did get a big chunk of an organizational project done. above are a bunch of stamps sets (yes I have been collecting for about 15 years now)
I am un-mounting them and putting them in cases so here the storage saving is more than half.

but once I put them in my cabinet because of the bulk of the other cases I fit all of the stamps in one row of the cabinet rather then 3 rows. go me. I do plan to put more information like a category sticker on the outside and then a cover sheet on them but that is phase two of the project. Phase one get them all unmounted. I am now about half way there for my stampin up stamps. not sure yet what I will do with the other stamps yet.
not much picture taking this weekend either but I am going to a seminar to listen to a photograher talk about his work this weekend that will be fun.


  1. What a great idea! Do you have to do something to the rubber to get them to stick to an acrylic block??? Or just peel off?

  2. most of the stamps peel off the back of the wood blocks rubber and all. some I gave a 15 second microwave treatment. but some are so old the rubber is to old and cracks. for those I just peel down to rubber only and use double sided tape to adhere to the case and later it will adhere to the clear blocks.


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