Sunday, May 2, 2010

may 2nd a moment in time

a moment in time is where many people will be taking a photo at just the same time which for me in the pacific time zone meant 8 am. ugh early for a Sunday when I like to sleep in or be lazy at home. But since today is Spokane's huge Bloomsday race when up to 50,000 people will be downtown ready to run, walk, wheelchair and stroller their kids for a grueling 7.46 miles through the streets of Spokane I decided to stay away from the main city part at take this not far from home. most of the streets are shut down anyway so getting anywhere takes a LONG walk.

This is the TJ Meenach Bridge that is one of many bridges that crosses the Spokane river which winds its way through our city. this is also the bridge that in about an hour from this shot there will be lots of people crossing to head up doomsday hill (to the left). Doesn't look so bad huh?? well its about 5 miles into the race and the hill is steep and long and many injuries happen near this hill. Luckily today the weather is cool (it was 35 when I took this) so that helps with not having the heat exhaustion factor. we have had years where it was in the 80s not a good race day.

Bloomsday is the official kick off of Lilac month. Spokane is the lilac city and this month we will have parades and all kinds of fun things going on.

updated to add the link to my picture in a moment of time.

If you participated in the moment in time I would love to see your blog leave me a message with a link to your picture.

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  1. May is a big month in Spokane! That's a terrific landscape - so dramatic! (Wish I'd heard of the moment in time before now!)


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