Friday, April 9, 2010

i know that like the back of my hand

what really is the back of your hand? isn't it more like the top and the bottom?

Couldn't decide which shot to put on here so put both up. I like the coloring in the first shot but it seems boring.

i don't like the coloring in the second shot but I like the texture of it. though it seems a bit out of focus now that I have it up on the screen. It is not an easy thing to take a picture of your own hand while still holding your camera with the other. I tried to blur out the background the best I could with this lens but it was tough. I still have to stop and think I have to turn off the auto focus on the camera and on the lens. newer camera for me so still learning everything.
Sorry H is a day late. took me forever to come up with an idea and my husband was no help. His ideas: hippo, helicopter, home (boring I thought and was the only idea till this morning) so far H was the biggest challenge. I really wanted to do a horse but that wasn't going to happen.


  1. I really like the first shot. And, I would like to see that hippo shot that your husband suggested. :)

  2. Good job keeping up to your task! Your hand looks great - so smooth you could be modeling hand lotion on TV!


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