Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hall mirror update

This is the before picture. Our house is a 1950's rancher and was my grandmothers house. We are slowly redoing the house but somethings I can't bring myself to part with. For some reason one of those things are the mirrors. there are 3 in the house that we kept. One is a small round one that was gold (gag everything in the house was gold) we spray painted that before we moved in and it is now silver. the second is in the bathroom which you will see in another blog post. Lastly is this one.
Its a giant size mirror that is almost the entire size of the wall that is in the hallway between our bedroom, the second bedroom and the bathroom. As you can see in the mirror you can see it from the living room. I wanted to add a little touch of something to it so UpperCase living to the rescue.

I added these words just a few inches from the top to modernize the mirror a bit and I really love what it did for the mirror. they are vinyl and if I ever wish to remove them I can. they are not reusable but will last as long as I want them there.

a little closer look at the actual letters.

i try to live by this one most of all


  1. I love Uppercase Living too! It just really adds a personal feel, doesn't it? I have that quote hanging on my patio!

  2. Beautiful Laura! I love it.

  3. The mirrors are totally cool, but I particularly love the flamingo picture taking pose....nice legs!

  4. I think it looks great Laura - I agree that it updates the mirror!


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