Sunday, April 11, 2010

everythign including the kitchen sink

K is for kitchen sink. And a messy one at that. I made cupcakes for the book club
on Sunday and I used everything I could to make as big a mess as possible. We don't have a dishwasher other then your own two hands as well so there is no hiding the mess.
I have never used the insect pan before and wasn't sure if it would work out but they came out great. BUT.......... How do you decorate them?? I really had no clue how to do that yet still make them look like what they were so if anyone knows please pass that on.
Instead I decorated only the flowers and then cut off the excess of the bugs and sprinkled with a bit of colored sugar.

they don't look to bad. I am not a fan of frosting myself so I don't mind eating yellow cake plain. hopefully the guests will too, if not they get a flower.


  1. oh I think they're dear as they are. Love the ladybugs. And I totally empathize with you; I am my own dishwasher, too.

  2. I have never seen these pans before. I have no idea how you would frost them. I have to make cupcakes tomorrow but I am hoping to make less of a mess...grin.

  3. I have seen people frost some that were cars. And, I assume they just use the pan as a guide to where things are...if I see them again I'll ask.

  4. How adorable! and I had such a difficult time thinking of a K word.. kitchen is a great one!!


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