Wednesday, March 10, 2010

walking for a cure

while on our cruise we participated in the on the deck for a cure for breast cancer . this is my niece and cousin that walked with me.

I hope everyone can either participate in a walk or donate to someone that is walking. I am doing the annual walk on April 18Th here in Spokane. To check out my team check here and to find out about the foundation check here.


  1. What a great activity for a cruise ship! Glad you supported the cause!

  2. go you!!! I walk in the 3Day, which is just this year a Susan G Komen event (before Komen was the beneficiary). After such a cold, rainy, bleh walk in Philly last year, this year I am headed to walk 60 miles in Tampa, baby! That way, even if it rains, I'll be warm LOL

  3. sorry, but I clicked on your team's link, but it comes up as not being found within the Komen website. Thought you should know :) I'd like to check out your team's site.

  4. thanks for letting me know the links were not working they should be now


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