Thursday, March 4, 2010

tulum ruins

this was my the spot my husband was looking forward to the whole trip. It was a bit disappointing but that was only because the guide drove my husband crazy. you see hubby is a quiet kind of guy and someone that talks the entire bus ride there, while we were there and the way home was a bit much for him.
These are only a couple of the shots it was an amazing place. we wished we would have had more time to go down to the beach and enjoy that a bit but we were more interested in seeing all the ruins.
The sun was pretty powerful by mid day so the shots are what I would call good but we will remember the trip by them.

I guess up until maybe 10 years ago you could climb the ruins but that is no longer true, they are roped off to preserve them from the thousands of visitors each day. I would have loved to see the sunrise or sunset over the place I bet it would be magical.

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  1. Wow - how amazing is that! I can see why you were looking forward to seeing such an amazing piece of history! (It is frustrating when a tour guide isn't good -- they can either make or break a trip, can't they?)


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