Friday, March 26, 2010

swan hunt

I only currently have a 105 lens so besides cropping the above and last picture this is as close to the birds I could get.

We drove out in hunt of the migratory birds that come to calispell lake every year. there are hundreds of tundra swans and trumpeter swans and other birds. a birders paradise.
the lake is very shallow and very marshy. Couldn't get much closer to then these shots due to the wet ground.
I wish I would have taken some video because the sound was amazing. hundreds of bird calls, wings flapping and splashes at landings.

they have a tundra swan festival of sorts every year which is the weekend following this one but we can't make it out there so we decided to drive out today (and a gorgeous day to boot) to take a glimpse. Couldn't get out to the private bird docks which would have been a little closer but at least we got to see them. Next year I am going back but hopefully with a bigger lens.

more information can be found here. Probably some more pictures as well.

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  1. Well isn't that amazing? Never knew about all the swans or your festival - what fun!


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