Wednesday, March 24, 2010

pepsi vs coke

the age old fight. Now most of my friends are coke drinks (the horror) and I am a Pepsi drink (the finer things in life is how my husband thinks of it) so since we were meeting up for a brief visit while I was in Florida we thought we would have an international challenge.

We brought a bottle of Pepsi and coke from Washington state, Canada and Alabama. And with one of us only pouring into glasses we tested each.

Conclusion: side by side we couldn't tell the difference really. We did conclude that coke has more canonization and that Canada coke and Pepsi are way sweeter then the others. We also thought there were probably differences in the taste in cans and fountain drinks as well.

It was great fun for an evening of laughs.


  1. Sounds like fun. My mom loves Pepsi and most of my friends drink Coke. I wonder if they would know the difference.

  2. Very interesting test! Sorry to disagree with you, Miss Pepsi, but COKE rules the world --


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