Friday, March 12, 2010

Ding Darling

Ding Darling National wildlife Refuge is on Sanibel Island near Naples Florida we arrived there around lunch time so the tide was not at its lowest and that is suppose to be the best time to go. There is a nice 4 mile drive that takes you through the refuge. I would love to go back and bike the trail early in the morning. was very pretty and lots of birds.
we saw mostly pelicans at this time of the day.

but there was also lots of cranes.

the national wildlife refuges are all over the united states. Find one near you here. they say there is one within 50 miles of every major city. a good place for a walk with nature.

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  1. Great photos - love the crane! I have a refuge about 45 minutes from me; I may have to go check it out! SO low tide is the best time to visit?


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