Wednesday, February 24, 2010

say good bye to the zoo

Bet you are glad to hear that we are at the end of the zoo and of course end it with birds. the above bird was hard to capture he was all over the place and not cooperating very well. But his coloring was so unusual I just had to show him.

Most of the birds in the aviary were this color.

They took a real liking to my nephew which he didn't mind at all.

As we leave the zoo pictures I thought this was fitting the backs of the bird and my nephew. good bye zoo we had fun and hope to return again some day. Next up..... nope not going to say you just have to be surprised.


  1. Love your pics from the Zoo. Looks like everynoe had a wonderful time!

  2. Beautiful birds - glad you had a chance to interact with them!

  3. amazing colours! I'm going to miss your bird photos!

  4. I love the last picture of your nephew with the bird. Maybe this experience will shape his career choice and he will work with birds. They seem to really like him. Fantastic zoo pictures.


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