Thursday, December 30, 2010

diamond dust and pogonip

it was a cold new years weekend so venturing from the house to far was not in the cards.  we made it down to the cemetery that overlooks the Spokane river and I tromped through the snow for a few shots this week. 


this first shot is a picture of what my husband has always called pogonip but in reality it is really called diamond dust.  It has some lens flare but after several attempts to not get it in the shot I gave up it was afer all only 3 degrees out. This after a long discussion and searching the Internet for answer.  pogonip is really ice fog and luckily we didnt' get that cold here.  check out the wikapedia links I posted for each.  but a really cool video of pogonip on YouTube is HERE.   I wish I would have thought to video it. duh.

this is a closeup of picture I took where you can see the twinkling a little too. 


by the way if you ever want some quite time with usually some beautiful scenery check out your local cemetaries they offer some beaufiul shots.  Great place to walk or bike ride with the family too.  I know it sounds creepy to some but try it out you might find you enjoy it.

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