Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4 friendship flowers

Trying to get better about posting here. Seems like I am taking forever to get back into the swing of things after being sick. Yesterday was a very bad day at work everything was going wrong. A dear friend sent me these flowers today and it made a world of difference in my attitude.

I didn't want to bring them home to photograph them but had my point and shoot and was impressed at how pretty they turned out

I loved the way the florist wrapped wire around the orange flowers it really made them stand out.

and with the magic of photoshop elememnts I really like how this turned out in black and white.


  1. What nice photos. And what a thoughtful friend! Isn't amazing how a beautiful boquet of flowers can lift the spirit. I need to remember that. Plus they make good subjects to take photos of! Happy day to you!!

  2. What an amazing friend - that sure would be a day-brightener! Glad you had your camera with you - those shots are beautiful and are cheering me up too!


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