Sunday, January 31, 2010

22 time

time never have enough of it.

I am trying to keep up with my blog and failing fast due to time. I did pretty good last year at the 365 but this year I am working more on quality but then I feel guilty because I haven't uploaded something.

So for tonight I took a picture of my watch. Well one of them I have lots but since I bought a cell phone I have yet to wear one in many years. I am going on vacation soon (yes 2 weeks of no blogging gasp) and part of it I wont have use of a cell phone so I needed a watch. EVERY stinking one of them had a dead battery. So today I made sure I took one and had a new battery put in it.

So I thought I would play around with the image a bit since another goal of mine is to more learning about PSE (photoshop Elements) the above image has some Light rendering (found in the filters) and then converted to black and white. I think out of the three it is my favorite. seems to say a lot to me.

For this one more light rending but working with spotlights at first and they were to harsh. So this is flashlight mode. I thought about cropping out the top but then changed my mind because it lost its meaning when that happened. by using the flashlight mode it gave the image a more 3D effect and almost makes it look a bit rounded which I really liked as well.

which was your favorite out of the three? Any other ideas of what I could have done to the image?

PS: note the time?? yes this is the time of night I am usually working on this sort of stuff another reason I don't have much time or the right lightening for much of photography. The upside this was taken with the little point and shoot and I was actually happy with it.


  1. Very nice shot -- good for you for playing with new things in PS!

  2. Your new header looks great...such a pretty picture! I like the effect on watch #3:)


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