Friday, January 22, 2010

16 altered flower

remember this flower from a week or so ago??

Ever know how you can get lost in something and well before you know it you have spent 2 hours doing it?? Well I was in Redbubble and looking at some photography challenges and one thing lead to another and 3 hours later I ended up playing in photoshop and came up with this image below.

I messed with the color, cropped, changed the background and I found the lighting effects too.

You really could spend days on a picture making it into something of some sort of art.

When you have time check out redbubble the artwork on there is amazing. I have been really liking some of the work by these two people but there are hundreds of other amazing works in there.

Jessica Jenney - her painted photographs are amazing.

Beve Brown-clark - her birds are gorgeous my favorite is my little ray of sunshine

ps I have decided that although I didn't take a picture working on one in photoshop counts

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  1. Wow - that's so dramatic! You are so right that photoshop is addictive!


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