Friday, December 25, 2009

356/365 ITS here!!! my PW cookbook

I ordered this book not because I am a gourmet cook, those that know me know this to be fact, but because I adore this lady's style. I read her blog well all of the site the photography, cooking humor are great. Not lucky enough to get to a place where she has signed them but at least I have a book. she has her own photographs in the book, step by step instructions to her foods (cowboy foods I think my husband may actually eat as well) and more of humor in it.

if any thing check out her site you will enjoy it I am sure.


  1. Lucky!!!! I ordered one and my friend was going to get her to sign it, but I think the unsigned copy got lost in the mail :(

  2. It was fun reading about her making that book! I 'm looking forward to hearing about some of the recipes you've tried!


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