Saturday, December 19, 2009


Are you sick of seeing fused glass and the dog this year yet?? well I spent over an hour trying to get shots of these. next time I will wait till there is daylight because I think that might work better. Above is actually pink but it kept coming out gold colored. I made these for my coworkers. the difference in these than the day before is the top layer is the actual dicroic whereas in the other pendants from a couple days ago the top layer was clear glass. I like this look better myself but its not every ones favorite.
well the above one did not photograph well at all in fact its blurry. I think I was messing way to much with the iso at this point.

the above orange one is my favorite.

and this is the one that my husband liked the most.

hopefully everyone at work will like them. we are getting better and better at this fusing stuff. Each time we learn a little more and I think another gazilion firings we might just get it perfect.

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  1. I'm SURE they will all love them - they are gorgeous works of art!


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