Friday, November 27, 2009


Did a little shopping today but not till after lunchtime. not much into the crowds and really didn't need anything that was advertised in the specials. So after the shopping hubby and I headed out for a drive out to Tum Tum Washington to catch some sunshine (rare this time of the year) and the sun going down. The above picture was taken with normal white balance but check out below when I bumped up the kelvin to around 9000. now that is what it really looked like out there today. WOW I love my new camera.

Found a spot to take this just as the sun was dipping out of sight. I learned in a class not long ago to get those little spots and flares is done by a small aperture this was around 22 maybe 29. No photo shop done on this other than making the image smaller for web posting. I think I like this shot.


  1. Beautiful photos - love the one with the high Kelvin- it looks frame-able! (I've always thought Kelvin was the easiest way to adjust white balance!) Thanks for the flare lesson!

  2. Very cool. I really love the last 2.

  3. Beautiful! I love the flare on the last one.


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