Friday, October 23, 2009


More pictures from the Dallas world aquarium. The above is a sting ray eating a clam (i think that is what it is) I have never seen that before and was totally amazed I watched these guys eat for 20 minutes. they were thrown into the pool and the clams floated down. they would either grab them as they came down or worked their mouths around them to pick them up on the ground. I could actually hear them crushing the shell while I was in the tunnel that was so much fun.

This guy was hard to capture, between the glass, the glare and how fast he was this is the best shot I got. I really need that circular polarized filter I think.
this shot it looks mad.

wonder if he didn't get lunch like the rest of them. lol

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  1. He does look a little grumpy doesn't he? Great under-belly shots!


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