Saturday, September 26, 2009

267/365 September24

Remember this piece?? its my unfired plate I made last weekend. Well we picked up the finished plates and here it is.

(darn reflection sorry)

this is to show how it was slumped to come up on the ends a bit.

Do I like it?? yeah but I would have made some changes. for one I didn't realize that there was brown glass, I thought I had black. for a second the greens I thought would turn out darker. and lastly I have 3 pieces of the sparkly blue and one purple how the heck did that happen?? lol

It was a great learning tool though. everything we did was.

Here is Dave's before piece that he absolutely hated.

And here it is finished. I LOVE it. he did a great job on it.


  1. Such a transformation! I do love the brown too!

  2. These are fabulous. It makes me want to take a glass class.


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