Monday, September 21, 2009

258/365 september 15

well this is going to be a really weird post but my afternoon was that way. Had a ton of appointments and errands that day. one of which was an eye checkup. 3 years ago I had Lasik (best thing I ever did) and it was time to check.

I wasn't prepared for the eye dilation and boy did they get dilated. I thought when I walked out to the car that everything looked like a bad photograph completely blown out. Decided it was to dangerous to drive yet so went to the mall next door and walked around for 2 or so hours. trying to shop. haha what a joke I couldn't see anything unless it was across the room.

the photos are from the cell phone it was all i could handle taking a picture with and didn't even actually see these for days later. lol hmm think I will be needing an eyebrow job soon.

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