Wednesday, September 2, 2009

243/365 August 31, 2009

Its my birthday and hubby treated me (well actually it was a mothers day gift I could finally use) to a day at the spa in this old hotel the Davenport where I live.

Its a great place recently restored to all its glamor. I remember going there with my grandma and having lunch as a small child.

The peacock lounge is one of my favorite spots. this beautiful stained glass ceiling is stunning.

these are funky colors in the serenity room not sure what kind of lights they were using. The above fountain was a favorite of mine. two of the little brass pieces would go around and around and occasionally ding on the sides of the other brass pieces. very soothing.

a nice comfy room before the pedicure and manicure.

have I ever mentioned that I don't like our little point and shoot camera.? lol

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  1. What an incredible place - love it! Glad you took time for some pampering!


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