Wednesday, June 3, 2009

may 31 151-365

Our birdhouse gets at least 3 sets of babies a year in it. This little guy is almost ready to leave the nest while doing the BBQ he chirped and chirped. I am sure waiting for mama to come home

Had to zoom in to really see him good. It wasn't then till we realized how young he was.

well then he flew out of the nest to the ground (I didn't have my camera handy at that point only my phone camera). While hubby put the dog inside I hoovered over him. We grabbed some paper towels

and after about 10 minutes finally managed to put him back in there. he was traumatized for a bit but about 10 minutes later was chirping away.

OMG I remembered lol


  1. Great search and rescue mission! How lucky you guys were there to save the day!

  2. That was so nice of you. Thanks for sharing these great pics!


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