Saturday, May 30, 2009

149/365 may 29 fast food friday

Lunch today I just had to go for a walk. So I headed up the street to taco bell. Now I haven't been there in a while because they did away with their border bowls which made me really unhappy. So I got something close and modified it. I order the taco salad without the shell (its HUGE) and without the HUGE packaging that comes with it. such a total waste and I let them know that. (what a pain I must have been) it was ok so I may do it again. Still not happy they did away with my border bowls

I was so dog tired and worked late finishing up the boxing that I was not going to cook. so off to panda express I went. Hubby wasn't home and the kid was just getting home from work so it worked out perfect. And who can resist panda. I can't So I splurged today but oh well that's how it works sometimes.

no picture of my face today but my achy toes yes. oh it felt so good to take off the shoes and relax. for four days it was a long week.


  1. Taco salad packaging is one of my pet-peeves too -- why do they do that???? ANd since it's probably over 1000 calories with that shell I don't think it can be called a salad.... ;-)

  2. Ah, Taco Bell... One of my faves. I remember the days of the meals, and the cinnamon crispas. Back when I was a youngun. Still love it, though. :)


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