Monday, May 25, 2009

142/365 may 22

Well headed to a scrap booking retreat later today but before I go I have time to do my spot weeding. And look at this my rock garden is blooming and my tulips are too. Funny thing about the tulips. If you can the ones up close are all dark purple and far away on the other side of the stairs they are pink. I SOOOO did not plan that. I had a mixed bag of the two colors and just happen to plant them that way. weird. seeing the solar lights reminds me I need to get a few more solar lights since 3 of my front yard ones were stolen a couple of weeks ago. that makes me so crazy.

well I think I am caught up at least to what I have uploaded into my computer. thanks for hanging with me.


  1. Beautiful garden - funny about the tulips - I guess they decided for you, huh? You must be pretty happy with the solar lights???? I saw an ad in the paper for solar, flickering tiki lights that I thought I might go buy.....

  2. I love the colors in your garden, Laura! I admire your energy and your talent with vegetation... You would be shocked and dismayed if you could see my yard. The weeds are taking over.


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