Friday, May 8, 2009

128/365 may 8

First barbecue of the year. My husband recently got on the same work schedule I did and we now have every other Friday off and LOVE it. We can get so much done with that extra day and the extra hour we work each day doesn't really matter much or effect us much. So we bought a few steaks, corn on the cob, some potatoes and cantaloupe and had ourselves a good dinner. The steaks were way bigger then my husband realized when he bought them so he and my son will have a few nights of eating leftovers. somehow I don't think they will mind.

Well finally caught up yeah. and just in time to get behind again. I guess I was getting you ready for the many trips and coming and goings that will cause delays in the blog posts. thanks for being patient with me


  1. Yay for summer and yay for BBQ's!!! We're lucky enough to grill year round, but there's something about the first warm day where you can eat outside with the first corn on the cob and fresh melon -- WA WHOOOOO!

  2. Wow, talk about a mad rush of blog posts! I should say you got caught up. Must be nice. :0) The dinner sounds delicious. Here's to fun and yummy times with family and friends.


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