Monday, May 4, 2009

117/365 April 27

I am obsessed with the maple tree and yes I complain about it all the time. here is the culprit starting to bloom. It seems every season it drops something new. In the fall its the leaves and then the helicopters right after usually staying into winter and littering the snow with them. they do that so they will wiggle down in the snow and stay nice and warm and in the spring go crazy all over the yard. And now in the spring its the little flower like things soon they will be dropping all over the yard little greenish yellow flowers everywhere.

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE trees they are one of my favorite things in life but I am growing to dislike this tree. What saves the tree from losing its life. Well for one its usefulness and shading our non air conditioned house. that's a biggie. and secondly is because this is a tree that my grandfather planted (we live in his house) only a few years before he died in 1983. I still remember him sitting on a bench near the tree.

so maple tree listen up and count your lucky leaves you live to annoy me another day


  1. I know what you mean about how much work they are. But I have to say I love Maple trees, and pretty much all trees. I inherited it from my mom. Even though I spent hours and hours raking and picking up fallen leaves and seeds this past weekend, I would be very sorry if anything ever happened to our trees. They speak to me of God's faithfulness and solidarity, and so many others of His characteristics. I pray He'll give you grace to put up with your grandfather's tree for many years to come. :) If not, maybe we could transplant it to my yard...?

  2. Perhaps it knows how lucky it is and will try to behave better.... Cute pic!


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