Sunday, April 12, 2009

101/365 april 11

Today my dad, brother Paul, hubby and I drove to Palouse falls. Its about 2 hours away from home. You have to drive through cow pastures and farm land most of which is wheat and grasses. Its this enormous waterfall that comes from the Palouse river. Its unusual in that most of what you see on the drive is flat lands and some rolling hills you wouldn't expect to find a river in the middle of this. this land was originally carved out millions of years ago by several ice flows that broke loose in Missoula Montana and then flooded the area. The soil is rich from the basalt rock that lies beneath it and over time has broken down. Perfect farm land.

In previous years we have hiked around to the top of the waterfall but we decided not to do this time. It was a bit windy as well. But we did find a trail to the bottom of the waterfall and will come back this summer when the water is a bit lower and easier to get to the falls and do that. We did have a little fun at the top of one of the ridges as well. Those signs cracked us up.

it was a great day for an outing and having my brother and dad there made it better.


  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like you had a great time. Praise God for refreshing getaways. :)

  2. Beautiful waterful! Love the sunset in an earlier post too.

  3. Greeat shots - what an amazing waterfall. LOVED that falling photo - I may have to try that sometime...hee hee.


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