Friday, March 13, 2009


Another snowy like day. I passed this bush and there must have been 30 or so birds in it I could hear them chirping for a long ways. Just as I approached they got quiet. I was able to get one shot of the little guys and you can even spot a couple birds that were flying in there. wanted to get some pictures of hubby since it was his birthday but got home late from work and we just grabbed a quick pizza (his favorite) from round table and unwound from the day.

winter dandruff seriously I need to wash this away with some sunshine.

Tuesday March 10


  1. Can't you just picture that tree full of birds saying, "Shush - she's coming, be quiet!" Hee hee. LOVE the snowy hair-do and your funny comment about washing it away with sunshine!

  2. Love the birds in the trees! What a gorgeous shot!


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