Friday, February 20, 2009


drink more water. drink more water. drink more water.

If I keep chanting it will it make it any easier?? no I don't think so. but I am trying.

well this was suppose to be just a face shot of me with my camera around my neck to see what the distance would look like. instead it sparked a conversation between my husband and myself about how my eyes look freaky. so is the left one always that shut?? I looked back and no so I wonder why then it is now?? hubby of course denies being able to see anything. smart man. lol


  1. Keep up the water - just saw a TV show and they proved that drinking lots of water makes your face age better (heaven knows I need that!)

  2. I'm working on the same water chat! And I have the same eye issue in pics sometimes and so does my brother. A long time ago his doc said it's normal to have one eye that generally opens wider then the other and it's ususally the one on the dominate side of your body. Is that any comfort? :)

  3. Thanks for the tip that my blog wasn't loading the word verification section. It is a problem with the Blogger website -- I've disabled it so everything is good to go.

  4. Ah not water! No, will kill me! I swear it will! LOL


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